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ZEROBASEONE’s Ricky Calls Out His Lack Of Screen Time

This is not the first time fans have demanded better for Ricky.

Fans are demanding that WakeOne treat ZEROBASEONE‘s Ricky fairly after the release of the group’s new teaser.


In March 2023, it was reported that ZEROBASEONE would come back in May. The group’s third mini-album, You Had Me at Hello, was later confirmed to be released on May 13.

As the group prepares for the album’s release, ZEROBASEONE have shared teaser images to build hype.


On May 11, the group released the second of two teasers for the title track, “Feel The Pop.”

It seems Ricky was also waiting for the teaser’s release, reporting that he watched it in Dear U. Bubble messages to fans.

However, his following messages took a turn, with the idol stating that he was unable to find himself in the teaser either.

| Dear U. Bubble

I saw the teaser
Like expected
I can’t find myself either.
I did good in [dying my hair] red haha

— Ricky

Outside of the larger group shots, many of which Ricky is in the back of the dance formation, there is only one moment where he seen. He is also in the background of this shot as the camera is focused on Seok Matthew.

As many of the members had their own moments where they were placed front and center, fans were left angered by Ricky’s lack of screentime.  The hashtag #WakeoneTreatRickyBetter was trended, in addition to a similar hashtag about Jiwoong relating to issues including his own lack of screentime.

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