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ZAKK WYLDE Talks About The Signs He Sees From DIMEBAG DARRELL During PANTERA’s Recent Tours

In a recent conversation with Ultimate Guitar’s On The Record Podcast, Zakk Wylde opened up about the uncanny “signs” he believes he’s received from the late Dimebag Darrell, giving a nod to the continuation of Pantera‘s ongoing tour.

Wylde, who’s currently touring with a revamped Pantera lineup that includes surviving members Philip Anselmo and Rex Brown, alongside drummer Charlie Benante, shared his profound feelings about the presence of the late guitarist. He expressed how these signs seem to be guiding the band forward.

“Even when we were getting ready to do the rehearsals, and they were just figuring out how we were gonna do this, there’d be signs all over the place,” Wylde revealed [via Planet Rock]. “Whether a license plate that would be, like, ‘333’ [three being Dimebag’s favorite number] or I’d run into like a Dimebag license plate in the middle of nowhere.”

He continued, “It was just like him just pushing this thing along, willing it to happen. So he’s just always around.”

In a particularly poignant moment during their stay in New York, Wylde shared an instance where his wife Barbaranne pointed out a sign that reminded them of Dime: “When we were in New York, just like signs, when we just did the Madison Square Garden my wife Barbaranne was, like, ‘Check this out.’ Something came up and it just reminded us of Dime, and I was like, ‘Wow, that’s crazy.'”

Wylde humorously added, “Or we would look on our phone and it’d be ‘333’. It’s just these signs everywhere. And I could see Dime just doing it, going, ‘I hope these idiots realize it’s me sending these signs’.”

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