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You Deserve a New Work Bag – It Should Be This Affordable Tote

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If you’re still lugging around all your work stuff in a decrepit old backpack, it’s high time you trade it in for a respectable new tote. You’ve got to be at work, so make it easier on yourself by getting a bag that can not only hold everything you need, but one that looks befitting of the total boss you are. But don’t panic. You don’t have to do anything crazy like pick out your own new work bag. We’ve got you covered, and we think you’re gonna like what we found.

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Walmart has this gorgeous Dasein Large Satchel Bag for just $45. That’s a total steal when you compare it to other designer bags and upscale name brands that make similarly sized totes. It’s a fantastic deal for what you’re getting, and it’s going to be a visible upgrade from what you’ve been using, right?

Get the Dasein Large Satchel Bag for just $45 at Walmart!

This roomy tote has a space for anything you need to toss inside. It has a large major compartment with two slot pockets inside to hold smaller items. Plus, it comes with a center zip wallet with a zip compartment inside and 10 card slots.

Get the Dasein Large Satchel Bag for just $45 at Walmart!

But let’s talk about how gorgeous the bag is. For less than $50, you can get a dual-colored piece that comes in a variety of hue. We’re partial to the pink and white version, but you can get plenty of unique color combinations like black and purple, black and gray, and even floral print – not the shades you see that often.

Get the Dasein Large Satchel Bag for just $45 at Walmart!

With all these features and a lengthy strap to carry your bag with you each day, you’ll find that this tote is just about one of the best bags you can get, whether you use it for work or not. Be sure to snag it right now since it’s on sale and toss out that old bag that’s been missing a zipper pull and won’t close properly anymore. You deserve the best, after all!

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