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Woo Hana, a singer from Yogurt Studio, has captured the hearts of listeners with her emotional voice as the main artist for the webtoon ‘Marriage Without Love’ OST

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Released at 6 PM on the 21st through various online music sites, ‘The World You Are Missing’ deeply conveys the profound longing and regret felt after a love’s departure. Woo Hana’s clear and straightforward voice stands out in this song, immersing listeners deeply into the track.

‘The World You Are Missing’ is characterized by its direct expression of realistic emotions of separation. Phrases like “When night comes, I think of you/I want to see you, so I fiddle with my phone” depict situations that many may have experienced, creating a sense of empathy. The song boasts high completeness with the participation of numerous famous lyricists and composers, including Tari, Pilseung Bulpye W, Jang Seokwon, and 20oz.

Woo Hana has not only participated in this OST but has also contributed her unique emotional music to various webtoons and drama OSTs. In particular, she has showcased a wide musical spectrum through her participation in the ‘Udangtangtang Family’ OST. Her activities enable continuous musical communication with fans, raising expectations for her musical endeavors.

Through ‘The World You Are Missing,’ Woo Hana delivers deep emotions, providing great comfort and empathy to listeners. Many are looking forward to the musical stories Woo Hana will continue to tell.

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