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Woman Made Hunky Hubby Shave His Beard For First Time In Years – The Results Were JAW-DROPPING!

There are some threads you just shouldn’t pull at, ladies. Though we suppose sometimes you don’t know until it’s all come undone?

A UK woman named Sophie Clarke posted a video on her TikTok this month about the shocking results of asking her husband to shave his beard after years.

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In her vid, we see a hunky viking-looking fella lifting weights under the ominous text:

“POV: you begged your heavily bearded long haired husband to clean shave for the first time in years and it was the worst idea known to man”

The clip then hard cuts to what Sophie actually saw when he agreed! He walks in the door, and… well…

We guess she’d never seen him without the beard because she was shocked so much, she cried! She captioned the post:

A crime to humanity. #hairfail #funny #fyp #husband #marriagehumor

Find out why (below)!


A crime to humanity. #hairfail #funny #fyp #husband #marriagehumor

♬ Pedro – Jaxomy & Agatino Romero & Raffaella Carrà

Here’s the side-by-side — because we just had to!

(c) Sophie Clarke/TikTok

Sophie’s followers were equally dismayed by the change, which somehow seemed to knock 10 years off her husband’s age… and not in a good way! Get a sample of the HILARIOUS comments (below):

“Glue it back on omg”

“that… cant.. is not the same person i refuse to believe it”

“he went from 35 to 18”

“Man went from Gandalf to Legolas”

“He went from Viking to Kate moss.

“Went from thor to steve harrington”

“If ‘Belle… it’s me’ were a person”

OMG that last one is our fave! The crime that was the Prince’s bare, boyish face! LOLz!

Beauty And The Beast GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

What do YOU think of the transformation? Should he grow it back??

[Image via SophieClarke/TikTok.]

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