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Woman Dangling From Power Lines Saved By Civilians And A Blanket

She was unscathed.

In an unreal rescue story, a woman in her 40s was saved from a fatal fall thanks to the quick thinking of her neighbors.

The woman at the accident scene | Newsis

According to reports on May 3, KST, a woman in Cheongju City was found dangling from overhead wires and was saved after she fell onto a blanket held by neighbors. The incident occurred on May 1, KST, in a multiplex housing complex in Heungdeok-gu in Cheongju. The woman was later identified as a 46-year-old from Uzbekistan.

The incident was reported to the police at around 11:24 am, upon which first responders arrived at the scene. The woman was hanging about 6 meters above the ground, tangled in the wires. While the firefighters were still installing the air mattress, she fell. Fortunately, she landed on a blanket stretched by local residents and was left unharmed.

Firefighters trying to spread out air mattress | MK News

While the incident has made headlines, it is still unclear how the woman ended up in such an absurd situation. The police have launched a probe, suspecting that she might have jumped from a nearby building.

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