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Variety Programs We’re Excited For HORI7ON To Appear On In The Future

HORI7ON have been making a splash in the music scene ever since idol survival competition program, “Dream Maker“. While some might say it was fate that led these seven members together, there was certainly a lot of hard work put forth by the then idol hopefuls. They did everything they could to ensure they would make the final lineup. However, after passing that initial hurdle, they haven’t looked back since.

Together with their loyal band of supporters, ANCHOR, HORI7ON have had the opportunity to showcase their skills on a multitude of different stages, constantly leveling up in the process. They’ve solidified themselves as a complete unit, ready to take on any challenge together. Although their venture into the K-Pop industry and music scene as a whole is a group effort, members like HORI7ON’s Reyster certainly stand out for more reasons than one.

Now, Reyster has proven time and time again that he’s the complete package and more than deserving of his spot on HORI7ON. He makes hearts race and knees buckle under his mesmerizing pressure.


Pre-Debut TikTok Star

@reysteryton_ 💜 #bts #dance #kpop #fyp ♬ original sound – Max Grabel

In the case of many idol survival competitions, the contestants are introduced to the public for the first time. However, when it came to Reyster, he already had some experience in the public eye. Some netizens were able to recognize him from TikTok where he would upload various dancing covers. He covered male artists like BTS and ENHYPEN, along with girl groups like BLACKPINK and NMIXX. As his interest in K-Pop continued to grow, he looked towards the rising Hallyu wave for inspiration and as an opportunity to show off his skills.


Making A Statement On “Dream Maker”

Along with filming TikTok videos, Reyster also shared that he was part of a dance troupe. These were some of his earliest steps towards an idol career, leading him to participate in the arduous journey of “Dream Maker”. During the Mentor’s Evaluation, Reyster was no longer the boy that graced mobile screens on TikTok. Rather, he made a full transformation into an idol hopeful, ready to chase his dreams.

While still a bit rough around the edges, he had the poise and stage presence necessary to mark him as a contestant audiences wanted to keep track of. With just enough training and perseverance, Reyster showed immense potential to become one of the main characters of “Dream Maker”.

He showed constant improvement across the various missions, commanding the spotlight even when he wasn’t at the center of the formation. The moment his name was called during the final episode, audiences couldn’t help but offer the most heartfelt congratulations.

Witnessing his journey throughout the program, Reyster definitely deserved his spot in the final debut lineup.


Charismatic Aura That Has Grown Since Debut

While he was crowned as one of the seven to join the rising boy group, HORI7ON, Reyster’s journey had only begun. Together with his groupmates, he continued to hone his craft, making sure that whenever he stood on stage, he would be able to make ANCHOR proud — and the fandom can certainly say, he’s doing just that.

Together with his fellow members, Reyster has put on stunning performances back to back to back. Whether it’s a dance practice video or an official music show performance, he gives over 100%. From his facials to dance lines, everything is practically perfect. Fans are unable to tear their eyes away from the idol for one moment, lest they miss something in that brief second.

Even in their rookie year, Reyster has fully embraced his status as someone who aims to be much more than a K-Pop idol, but a global superstar. And ANCHOR are excited to see him accomplish just that.


The Hope For More Reyster Content

As they continued moving forward, fans have naturally voiced their desire for more Reyster content. Previously on HORI7ON’s official YouTube channel, they were greeted with Reyster’s creative performance of JVKE‘s iconic hit, ‘Golden Hour’. This showed his flexibility as a performer, being able to execute a genre outside of upbeat dance tracks and energetic K-Pop songs.

Hopefully Reyster will be able to do more of these dance performances in the future, through his group’s official SNS and on a Korean variety program. Perhaps we could even see Reyster choreographing a routine for one of HORI7ON’s future comebacks. While these might still be far-off dreams, just the thought alone could have anyone giddy with excitement.

Is Reyster your HORI7ON bias? What do you like about the incredible dancer?

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