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Travis Kelce Fueled By Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood While Golfing – And Shows ANOTHER Subtle Nod To Girlfriend!

Taylor Swift really is Travis Kelce‘s lucky charm!

The football star is thoroughly enjoying his off-season — and he’s hardly had a moment without his girlfriend on his arm or on the brain!

After going on vacation with the pop star, the Kansas City Chiefs tight end was spotted in his pal Chandler ParsonsInstagram Story golfing on Thursday. In an attempt to throw him off his game, his buddies were blasting TayTay’s Bad Blood in the background — but hilariously it only made him swing better!

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In the funny clip, his friends can be heard saying off-camera:

“Oh no, this backfired!”

Another shouted:

“He did it. Oh, he likes it. Oh, he likes it.”

Once the ball landed in the distance, Travis turned to the camera, picked up his golf club like an air guitar, and started singing along while dancing to the popular track. Chandler confirmed Trav “cannot be rattled” in the caption. LOLz! Watch (below)!

He was feeling himself!

Fans were loving the sweet moment online — but they also couldn’t help but notice another nod to the Lover singer!

The athlete was wearing a baseball hat for the Sherwood Country Club — and it had the number “1989” embroidered on it! While that just so happens to be the year the club opened, it’s also the name of Taylor’s iconic pop album (plus her and Trav’s birth year). Freaking out, Swifties wrote on X (Twitter):

“his hat says 1989 AND has an archer on it”

“Hat saying 1989 he’s so Pookie”

“travis’s friends saw him strollin in with 1989 on his hat and thought playing his fav album would distract him? oh they dont know the tayvoodoo”

Hah! He really has leaned into all the easter eggs ever since dating the pop star! So cute seeing him vibe to his partner’s music, even when she’s not around to witness it!

Thoughts? Share them all in the comments (below)!

[Image via The Pivot Podcast/Bleacher Report/Tonight Show/YouTube]

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