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Top Idol-Actress Caught Clubbing In Gangnam Due To Member’s Second Phone

The idol is one of Korea’s most popular actresses.

Kwon Nara revealed one of her Hello Venus members got caught clubbing.

Kwon Nara | @hv_nara/Instagram

On March 25, Kwon Nara appeared on Shin Dong Yup‘s YouTube show.

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On this day, the actress revealed some of the difficulties she had faced while she was an idol. Kwon Nara first debuted as part of the idol group Hello Venus.

I lived with my members at the dorm, and so I only saw my members. There were times when we wanted to go out but couldn’t.

— Kwon Nara

Kwon Nara then revealed that once, she and her members had snuck out to go clubbing. The actress then revealed that the members had told their manager that they were going to a bathhouse, and one member even had prepared a second phone for the outing.

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We were adults and wanted to go clubbing. We went to a club in Gangnam. One of my unnie members said she would take us, so we lied (to her manager) and said we were going to the bathhouse. The 4 adult members then went to the club, and two of the members who were minors went to the bathhouse.

— Kwon Nara

Unfortunately, the idol revealed that they had gotten caught due to a member leaving her second phone.

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One of the members even prepared a second phone, but she left the phone in the car, which led us to get caught. We were all called to the practice room and had to turn in our phones, and we were barred from even going to the practice room for a week, which we didn’t mind.

— Kwon Nara

Meanwhile, Kwon Nara debuted with Hello Venus in 2012 and quickly became a household name due to her visuals. The idol would transition to become an actress and has since starred in hit K-Dramas such as Itaewon Class and My Mister. You can watch Kwon Nara’s full episode in the link below.


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