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Tish Cyrus’ Husband Dominic Purcell Shows Off Bloodied Face Following On-Set Accident! OMG!

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

This must have hurt… A LOT!

Dominic Purcell posted — and later deleted — a picture on Sunday showing off injuries he sustained while filming a project in Morocco. And the photo is super gruesome, Perezcious readers, so no wonder he removed it! It wasn’t meant for those who get queasy in the stomach at the sight of blood! (Which is meant to be your TRIGGER WARNING for this story, too, y’all. Don’t scroll down from here if you don’t want to see some truly grisly s**t!!)

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In the snapshot, streaks of blood covered the 54-year-old actor’s face after the on-set injury!!

See (below):

(c) Dominic Purcell/Instagram


As for what happened? Dominic explained an iron bar struck him during a shoot, smashing his nose and cracking his skull. He wrote in the caption of the post:

“NO ITS NOT MAKE UP. When an iron bar breaks your face and cracks ya skull. You get it fixed and you move on. One minute I’m running the next a tremendous force exploded upon me. My stunty @johnnymacstunts came running to my side and said ‘doesn’t look good. Your nose is smashed and I can see your skull. I replied ‘that’s not good’”

Talk about an understatement. Jeez. The injury was so bad that the Prison Break star thought he would “pass out and die” at one point! Dominic continued:

“Point is — I thought for sure I was going to have a brain bleed, pass out and die. I found it amusing that my end would be in the desert, with not a hospital in sight doing what I love most. On reflection it’s how I accepted death that’s always puzzled me. I guess it’s just that. I accepted it.”


Like we said, he since deleted the pic. Scary stuff tho!! Reactions, Perezcious readers??

[Image via Sorry We’re Stoned/YouTube, Rui M Leal/WENN]

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