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Third Gen K-Pop Boy Group Song Leaps Up On MelOn With No Promotions

“Please listen to this, these lyrics are real art.”

For the past couple of years, K-Pop girl groups have been especially successful on the Korean music charts, especially newer artists like IVENewJeans, and (G)I-DLE. It’s been harder for boy groups to rank high on charts with their title tracks, let alone their B-sides, but recently, a B-side track by a third-generation boy group has managed to leap up the MelOn chart with no promotions!

On SEVENTEEN‘s new compilation album, 17 IS RIGHT HERE, there were three other new songs alongside the title track “Maestro”. These B-sides are “LALALI” (by the hip-hop unit), “Spell” (by the performance unit), and “Cheers to Youth” (by the vocal unit). And it’s the last of the three that has captured people’s attention enough for it to make a 14-place leap on the MelOn charts.

The song has already received over 40,000 likes within the first week of the album’s release…

And the number of daily listeners has almost continuously gone up as well.

This is despite the track not being promoted in any way, with just word of mouth being used to share how good the song is!

It’s the lyrics that are touching many Korean listeners, and they were written by Bumzu as well as SEVENTEEN’s own genius producer Woozi.

English lyrics translation for “Cheers To Youth” | Genius Korea

At this point, the only fancams you can watch are from the group’s FOLLOW AGAIN concert in Seoul, with each of the five vocal unit members having their own individual fancam.

There is a music video being prepared to be released for “Cheers to Youth” on May 24, but it can’t come soon enough for some fans!

| Pledis Entertainment

Here’s how Korean netizens are reacting to the news of “Cheers to Youth” rising so quickly, and just to the song itself!

  • “I’m still listening to it.”
  • “The lyrics are good, so I’m listening to them every day.”
  • “I like the lyrics a lot. I think it would have been better if the MV came out a little earlier.”
  • “I love DK and Seungkwan especially lol.”
  • “‘Cheers to Youth’ is really good!”
  • “It’s such a brilliant song.”
  • “Hey guys, please listen to this, these lyrics are real art.”
  • “It’s a song that touches my heart.”
  • “Please climb further. And please listen to ‘LALALI’ and ‘Spell’, I really like them.”
  • “The lyrics are crazy.”

Have you checked out this legendary B-side yet?


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