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The Truth Behind NewJeans Hanni’s “Stan Attractor” Short Hairstyle

NewJeansHanni recently surprised everyone when she emerged with short hair for the group’s comeback.

NewJeans’ Hanni | @newjeans_official/Instagram
| @newjeans_official/Instagram
| @NewJeans_ADOR/Twitter

The refreshing look suits her so well that netizens began referring to her as a “stan attractor” due to her ability to pull in fans with her adorable and unique visuals.

On Halmyungsoo, staff asked her about the iconic look and she revealed how it all happened.

First of all, the short hair is a wig! However, the way it all went down even had Hanni surprised.

She didn’t know she was going to get the new hairstyle until the moment it was happening!

I sat down to get ready for the album cover. The hair artist suddenly pulled my hair back!

— Hanni

Before she knew it, all of her hair was pulled back in a wig cap and she looked like an “egg.”

I turned into an egg and she put short hair on me.

— Hanni

Hanni mentions that the wig has an imperfect vibe that looks like it was cut with kitchen scissors.

Of course, this adds to the “messy” and cute charm!

In the end, it seems Hanni was just as surprised about the look as we were…

…but clearly, the hair stylist had the right idea!

Watch the full video below.

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