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The True Height And Weight Of Each RIIZE Member Shocks Netizens

They revealed it all!

Recently, the members of RIIZE revealed their true height and weight on Hong Seok Cheon’s Jewel Box, leaving netizens shook at just how thin they are. Check out what each of the members said below!

RIIZE and Hong Seok Cheon | @RIIZE_official/Twitter

1. Shotaro

Shotaro is 178 cm/5’10” tall and weighs 62 to 63 kg/136 lbs to 138 lbs.


2. Eunseok

Next, Eunseok stands tall at 180 cm/5’10.8″ and weighs 59 to 60 kg/130 lbs to 132 lbs.


3. Sungchan

The tallest and heaviest in the group is Sungchan who stands at 185.6 cm/6’1″ tall and weighs 71 to 72 kg/156 lbs to 158 lbs.


4. Sohee

Sohee shocked netizens with his low weight of 54 to 55 kg/119 lbs to 121 lbs. He is 174 cm/5’8.5″ tall.


5. Anton

Anton is 184 cm/6′ tall and weighs 65 kg/143 lbs.


6. Wonbin

Wonbin revealed his height to be 176 cm/5’9″. Stay tuned for the next episode of Hong Seok Cheon’s Jewel Box for his weight reveal!


Netizens were in disbelief of how thin some of the members are, especially with their tall heights, giving them an underweight BMI.

  • “That’s seriously skinny… Only 54kg.”
  • “Wow, shockingly skinny.”
  • “Wow, they’re tall but why are they so skinny?ㅜㅜ”
  • “I feel like I have more weight on me than Wonbin 🙄”
  • “I remember seeing a comment somewhere before saying that many male idols suffer from malnutrition… It suddenly came to mind. It’s sad if it’s not their natural physiqueㅜ I want to feed them well.”
  • “Even Wonbin probably doesn’t weigh over 60… Everyone is so skinnyㅜㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ As much as they look beautiful on screen, I hope these handsome ones never get sick and stay healthy. Take care of your body and eat well.”
  • “So skinny, I wonder if they don’t have anemia because they’re men or is it just their natural physique? If it’s not their natural physique, it must be really hard to maintain their weight.”
  • “Wow.”
  • “Oh my, they’re so skinny.”
  • “Wow, Anton and I have the same weight 💗 (I’m pregnant, not a pig)”
  • “Anton is skinnier than I thoughtㅋㅋ”
| theqoo

Watch the full episode below.

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