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The Top Third-Generation Female Idol Whose Father Is Actually A Director At SM Entertainment

Her father hid his role to not hinder her activities.

The father of third-generation idol, WJSN‘s Soobin, has been revealed to be a director at SM Entertainment.

According to the preview of TV Chosun‘s variety show Father and I, WJSN’s Soobin is the next guest to appear on the show with her father. Her father introduced himself as Park Tae Hyun, the general director of media at SM Entertainment and head of the management department at SM C&C, SM Entertainment’s television subsidiary.

Park Tae Hyun was a former wrestling athlete who wrestled with Kang Ho Dong and when Kang Ho Dong entered the entertainment industry, Park Tae Hyun became his manager. Currently, Park Tae Hyun is in charge of Kang Ho Dong, Jun Hyun Moo, and Seo Jang Hoon. It was made known that Park Tae Hyun purposely hid information regarding his job to not become a distraction to Soobin’s activities with WJSN.

Soobin’s relationship with her father is very close, stating that he actively supported her activities and they would talk about their daily lives, watch dramas together, and act more like friends, not father-daughter.

Watch the preview below:

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