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The King of “Fan Service” Gets Outdone By His Own Concert Staff

A fierce battle of kindness!

Soloist Lim Young Woong is now best known for his immaculate “fan service,” putting the comfort and satisfaction of his fanbase first when he performs.

Soloist Lim Young Woong | @im_hero____/Instagram

The set-up and amenities provided at his past concerts have been paradigm-changing for K-Pop fans…

Singer Lim Young Woong Shows Love For Elderly Fanbase With Unique Concert Amenities

…who then demanded more from their favorite groups’ management companies to “do better.”

Making concerts more accessible for every person, no matter the age (because not being able to see doesn’t just apply to older people anyway, lol), is what every artist should strive for, TBH…

He’s always so admirable.

— @jaengpurin/X

It seems, however, that the King of Fan Service himself got outshined at his “IM HERO – THE STADIUM” concert in Seoul!

| @limyoungwoong/X

On the first of the two-night performance, Lim Young Woong’s concert staff was spotted helping a senior attendee find their seat. A tweet highlighting the staff’s kindness claimed, “As soon as the staff saw the elder, they offered to carry the elder on their back.”

Happening right now at the first night of Lim Young Woong’s concert in Sangam. I’m deeply moved by this staff. They saw an elder struggling with the stairs and they immediately offered help. They carried the elder on their back to the correct seat. I have nothing but praise for this staff! But if they want this tweet deleted, I will remove.

— @shinsh_1004/X

The staff received a tremendous amount of praise when the tweet went viral across social media platforms and online communities…

| theqoo
  • “Must have been difficult and dangerous to carry someone up the stairs that steep. This is amazing.”
  • “Aw, this is making me tear up… I’m so grateful for the staff.”
  • “Incredible… Being nice and taking action are different things. They could’ve chosen not to intervene. But they did, and they even had the strength to actually carry the elder up the stairs… Whenever I hear things about Lim Young Woong’s concerts, I realize that most artists can, they just won’t. Leaves a bitter taste in my mouth, TBH… Haha.”
  • “Wow, incredible.”
  • “Even his concert staff members are kind?! So incredible.”
  • “You all know how hard it is to go far and beyond your pay rate. It’s incredible how this staff reacted. They’re the ones interacting personally with the audience, so they really can make or break the experience.”
  • Daebak. The staff looks quite young. I can’t believe how kind they were. I’m tearing up.”
  • “How many concerts would the elders feel like they could attend with confidence that everything will be accessible? Not many. So this concert is significant in so many ways.”
  • “This is making me emotional and I miss my grandma.”
  • “A huge compliment to both the soloist and his staff. This is quite frankly the most perfect concert experience.”
  • “On the third floor?! Even the healthiest people have trouble walking up those stairs. This staff is simply amazing.”

…which, then, reached Lim Young Woong.

Lim Young Woong just talked about the staff. The video cuts off short, but he personally thanked the staff and a lot of other people, too.

— @9___D0K/X

On the second night of the concert, the soloist thanked the staff for his dedication and dubbed him a “hero.”

Lim Young Woong himself dubbed the staff ‘a hero’ and praised them for their actions last night.

— @mikyonna/X

Both Lim Young Woong and his concert staff continue to receive love and support from all across Korea for their unending kindness!

| theqoo
  • “Both the soloist and the staff are incredible!”
  • “I’m bawling. This is the only kind of content I want to see on theqoo.”
  • “The staff who carried the elder on their back is amazing, indeed. But honestly, everyone working at the venue was incredibly nice. It seemed obvious why Lim Young Woong is so adored by his elderly fanbase.”
  • “Incredible. This is so heartwarming.”
  • “So amazing!”
  • “Lim Young Woong will never cease to amaze me. Even his concert staff take after the soloist. I hope he makes a lot of money.”
  • “Aw, so moving!”
  • “Wow. This is incredible. How is Lim Young Woong literally perfect every single time?”
  • “Lim Young Woong for president!”

Read more about Lim Young Woong’s immeasurable impact on his fans below.

Fan Thanks Lim Young Woong For Helping With Early Cancer Detection

Source: theqoo (1) and (2)

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