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The Journey of “The Fool at the End”: Director Kim Jin-min’s Candid Confession

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Netflix’s original series “The Fool at the End” overcame production challenges and controversies to rank 9th in the global top 10 non-English TV category, garnering widespread attention. The series portrays the lives of people trying to live their day-to-day lives with the end of the world looming, as Earth faces a collision with an asteroid in 200 days.

Despite facing multiple obstacles, including an indefinite delay due to Yoo Ah-in’s drug allegations, the series was finally released on April 26, attracting significant interest. Director Kim Jin-min shared his complex feelings of desperation and mixed emotions about the project. He specifically delved into his considerations regarding Yoo Ah-in’s role and how to handle it.

“The Fool at the End” not only faced issues with adjusting Yoo Ah-in’s screen time but also sparked controversy among some netizens and critics due to its complexity. Director Kim Jin-min humbly accepted these criticisms while openly expressing his belief and concerns for the work. He discussed the conflicts arising from an unconventional approach to the dystopian genre and shared the difficulties and deliberations during the editing process.

Director Kim Jin-min’s humble acceptance of criticism for “The Fool at the End” heightens anticipation for his future works. While acknowledging the critiques of the drama, he emphasized his love and effort for the project. His resolution to create works that will be more beloved by the public appears to be a stepping stone for overcoming the challenges faced by “The Fool at the End” and for growth.

Through Director Kim Jin-min’s story, it’s clear that “The Fool at the End” transcends mere entertainment to embody the creator’s convictions, challenges, and introspective process. This deep approach is expected to continue generating interest and anticipation for both Kim Jin-min and “The Fool at the End”.

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