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The Disco Biscuits Unveil Enthralling 9th Studio Album – ‘Revolution In Motion’

Legendary electronic jam band The Disco Biscuits recently unveiled their ninth studio album, a space saga titled “Revolution in Motion,” just in time for their upcoming performance at Texas Eclipse. Produced by Derek VanScoten, also known as Cloudchord, the album comprises 14 tracks and has been unveiled in four parts, each accompanied by 3D animated films in a comic book style created by Blunt Action and published on the band’s YouTube page.

The album narrates a fascinating tale of extraterrestrial beings descending upon New York City to freeze and abduct humans for study, only to encounter unexpected resistance from none other than The Disco Biscuits. As the story unfolds, the band accompanies the alien misfits back to their home planet, showcasing the transformative power of music to their Queen in hopes of quelling unrest among their people. All 14 tracks on the album have been performed live and refined over the past two years, with many becoming staples of the band’s performances and serving as platforms for improvisational exploration. The concept for the space opera was conceived by Jon Barber and his collaborator Joey Friedman in August 2021, with songwriting commencing in early 2022 alongside Aron Magner.

All in all, ‘Revolution In Motion’ lives up to the hype and is yet another impressive releases from such legendary force in the electronic music scene.

Listen below!

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