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South Korean Man Arrested For Engaging In Prostitution With Underage Girl In Vietnam

Prostitution is illegal in Vietnam, especially with minors.

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of sexual assault that may disturb some readers.

A Korean man who was in Ho Chi Minh City has been arrested by authorities after “engaging in prostitution” with a 15-year-old girl.

In Vietnam, prostitution is illegal and considered a serious crime in Vietnam.  According to the District 1 police, Hong Jung Pyo, 29, will face charges of statutory rape. It was revealed that he is being charged with “engaging” with a sex worker as on May 4, he was caught when the police raided a hotel on an alley of Bui Vien Street.

The popular tourist destination Bui Vien | Vietnam Tourist Website

They found the Korean man and the 15-year-old girl engaging in what was deemed prostitution. While usually customers and sex workers don’t usually face criminal charges, it is a different case as the girl is a minor.

While the image of the Korean man has yet to be released, Vietnamese media have released the photos of Do Van Tuan, 38, and Bui Duc Thang, 52, who were arrested for procuring (persuading or inviting a woman to have sexual intercourse).

Do Van Tuan and Bui Duc Thang at a police station in HCMC | VnExpress/Nhat Vy

According to the reports, the men were arrested because the Korean men confessed. Tuan and Thang explained that they met the two Korean men in Saigon and offered them massage and prostitution services. These “services” cost VND1.4 million (around $55.03 USD) each.

While the two Korean men didn’t know the girl was underage, Tuan and Thang admitted to introducing the two girls to men for prostitution on multiple occasions.

The investigation is still ongoing.

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