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SM Entertainment Comes Under Fire For Excluding WinWin In WayV’s Comeback

SM changed WayV’s schedules, which conflict with WinWin’s.

A couple of days ago, SM Entertainment announced that WayV will be making their comeback in June, about 8 months after their last album, On My Youth, came out in November last year. Fans, of course, reacted to the news with excitement, and are relieved that they didn’t have to wait for over another year before they got new music from the group.

WayV | SM Entertainment

However, the news was bittersweet after another announcement was shared about Wayv’s comeback. On May 9, SM shared a statement regarding WinWin and his inability to participate in this upcoming comeback due to scheduling conflicts with the dramas he’s filming in China.

Hello, We wish to inform you about WINWIN’s involvement in the upcoming activities of WayV.

Due to his commitments with a drama filming schedule in China, WINWIN will unfortunately not be able to join WayV for the new album scheduled for release in June.

We understand this news might be disappointing for fans looking forward to WayV’s comeback. We sincerely ask for your understanding and support.

We hope you continue to show your enthusiasm and warm support for WayV as they return soon with new music and performances.

Thank you for your continued love and support.

— SM Entertainment

WinWin (WayV) | SM Entertainment

The news was originally met with sadness, but also words of support sent towards WinWin and WayV.

However, WinWin shared his own statement on the matter, which revealed that he was originally planning on participating in the group’s comeback. But when WayV’s scheduling changed, it ended up conflicting with WinWin’s filming schedule, making him unable to be included.

At the end of last year, I got told by the team that we would start preparing a new album in May. So from January to April this year, I participated in the TV series shooting, but the plan to produce the album was suddenly brought forward to the end of March. At that time, I was on the set, shooting my main scene, and I really couldn’t adjust the time to participate in group activities. In order to participate in the new album, I have communicated with the team about various alternatives, but the final result is that it is a pity that I can’t participate in this comeback. I want to say sorry to Wayzenni, who are looking forward to our WayV’s comeback. I also wish that WayV’s comeback can achieve good results. I will be here to support everyone.

I just landed and was thinking about this the whole plane ride.

I still feel that I need to explain it myself. Don’t want any misunderstandings between us.

— WinWin

This revelation has upset fans, some of whom feel like SM Entertainment intentionally changed WayV’s schedules to exclude WinWin. There’s no evidence of this, but it’s still understandable that they’re upset hearing that he was originally going to participate until SM changed things up.

A Reddit post was even created on the topic to clear up the misunderstanding that WinWin himself is trying to ease out of WayV content and only focus on his acting career.

Make sure to support the WayV members with their comeback, as well as WinWin with his dramas!


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