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Slim Jesus Revisits Diddy’s $1M Bad Boy Offer

Slim Jesus was offered a contract worth $1 million on Diddy‘s Bad Boy Records back in 2015 when his song “Drill Time” was going viral – today, the Ohio native is quite pleased with himself for never responding.

Taking to his Instagram Story on Saturday (April 6), the 26-year-old shared a screenshot of a September 2015 Diddy tweet in which the embattled mogul wrote: “1 Million waiting on Slim Jesus when he come to Bad Boy Records.”

In his caption, he added: “They said I was crazy when I ignored this years ago [shrug emoji, laughing emoji].”

Diddy’s original tweet was deleted just shortly after it was posted, so it’s still unclear if he really planned to put up that amount of money to sign the drill rapper.

Diddy and Bad Boy weren’t the only music industry titans Slim Jesus was skeptical of. At the height of his fame, he shared a video of himself burning a record contract to demonstrate just how anti-label he was.

“A little fun fact a lot of y’all don’t know. I been had offers from the same bullshit ass labels signing your favorite rappers. And you know how I feel about ’em? Fuck a label. We getting independent money, bitch,” he said in the video, while adding in the caption: “Fuck a label #IndependentMoney”

Young Chop Addresses Slim Jesus' Authenticity

Young Chop Addresses Slim Jesus’ Authenticity

Though labels were indeed clamoring for him, his fellow rap peers were divided in how they felt about his approach to going major.

Lil Bibby was among those who came to his defense, while other rappers like Lil Mouse released diss records. Additionally, Charlamagne Tha God also gave the MC his props for admitting that his gun-toting antics were just an act and didn’t correspond to his real life.

“It’s not cause he’s hot. It’s not cause he’s hot in the streets,” the radio host said. ” [We] fuckin’ with Slim Jesus. It’s that we saw his video. And the video had the warning in the beginning that none of this is real, which I thought was dope. Cause why incriminate yourself if you don’t fuckin’ have to? A lot of you stupid mothafuckin rappers could learn a lot from Slim Jesus.

“Like you don’t have to act like this shit is real. Shit don’t have to be real. I don’t know if y’all noticed or not, being real in rap don’t pay the bills no more. That shit ain’t never really paid the bills.”

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