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SHINee’s New Merch Collaboration Is Making Fans Feel Old AF

We’re getting older together!

SHINee‘s new merchandise collaboration is making fans feel old.

On May 9, the SM Entertainment group posted about their upcoming collaboration with electronics brand LG Whisen. It was an air-conditioning unit decorated with their logo on a starry background plastered at the bottom. The poster was also decorated with the character dolls that represent the members.

SHAWOLs couldn’t help but react to the post with amusement and self-awareness, pointing out that they are now in the older demographic of K-Pop fans.

Instead of the usual merch that idols sell such as clothes and bags, they’re now at the stage where household appliances are right up their alley.

The collaboration highlighted the fact that fans grew up alongside the members.

Taemin, for instance, debuted at 14 years old and is now 30 years old. Key and Minho are 32 years old while Onew is 34.

SHINee in 2008 | SM Entertainment
SHINee in 2023 | SM Entertainment

The fandom is also at an age where many are getting married, building homes, and starting families, making the LG collaboration a relevant one to them.

They praised the marketing team behind this brand deal for identifying their target audience well.

SHINee debuted in 2008 with their song “Replay.” They are celebrating their 16th anniversary on May 25, 2024.

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