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Shin SeulKi’s Heartfelt Connections Shine in “Pyramid Game”

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In the ever-evolving landscape of Korean entertainment, the connections formed off-screen are just as captivating as the narratives we adore on-screen. Recently, actress Shin SeulKi opened up about the bonds shared among the cast of “Single’s Inferno season 2,” including Dex, and how these relationships have blossomed into mutual support systems, especially in light of her latest role in the Tving original series, “Pyramid Game.”

During an exclusive interview held at a cafe in Samcheong-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul, on the afternoon of March 26, Shin SeulKi delved into her character, Seo Do-ah, the class president and top student of Baekyeon High School’s class 2-5, in “Pyramid Game.” This drama, penned by Choi Soo-yi and directed by Park So-yeon, portrays the brutal survival hierarchy among students, determined through a secret vote for the outcast of the month. Having recently concluded its ten-episode run on March 21, the series has left a significant mark on its audience.

Shin SeulKi’s rapport with her co-stars from “Single’s Inferno season 2,” particularly Dex, who also ventured into acting, was a focal point of discussion. She expressed gratitude for the support exchanged among the cast, highlighting their presence at the preview of the first two episodes of “Pyramid Game” and their encouraging feedback. “Dex and the rest of the ‘Single’s Inferno season 2’ cast are all close. We support each other in our endeavors and challenges. It was heartwarming to see them come to the preview and enjoy the drama,” she shared.

Further cementing her connections within the industry, Shin SeulKi mentioned her friendship with Yoon HaJung, a fellow contestant on “Single’s Inferno season 3,” with whom she participated in the National Chunhyang Pageant. This shared experience laid the groundwork for a lasting friendship. “Our bond formed while preparing for the ‘Miss Chunhyang’ contest, and we’ve maintained that relationship ever since,” she recounted.

“Pyramid Game” stands as a stark depiction of the cruel realities of high school life, wrapped in the allure of a survival drama. As Shin SeulKi navigates her burgeoning career, her portrayal of Seo Do-ah and her genuine connections with fellow artists like Dex and Yoon HaJung illuminate the intertwined paths of friendship and professional growth in the Korean entertainment industry. With such dynamic performances and heartfelt camaraderie, fans eagerly anticipate the future projects of these rising stars, confident in the knowledge that their off-screen bonds will only enhance their on-screen magic.

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