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SEVENTEEN Shines Dazzlingly Brightly As 13 In “FOLLOW” Again To Incheon Stadium Concert

SEVENTEEN has kicked off their “FOLLOW” Again encore tour with a spectacular start!

From March 30 to 31 at the Incheon Asiad Main Stadium, SEVENTEEN held their “FOLLOW” Again to Incheon concert, signaling the beginning of their “FOLLOW” encore tour.

SEVENTEEN greeted a total of approximately 56,000 concertgoers over the course of two days at the Incheon Asiad Stadium, which boasted a large-scale LED display and moving stage that allowed SEVENTEEN to experiment with diverse performances on a completely different scale. Not to mention, SEVENTEEN finally performed as a full-group with 13 members as S.Coups and Jeonghan returned to the stage after recovering their health.

As the cheers for SEVENTEEN spread throughout the stadium, “FOLLOW” Again to Incheon ceremoniously kicked off with SEVENTEEN’s hit title track “Super,” which also signaled the very beginning of the entire “FOLLOW” tour. The group continued to amp up the crowd with powerful performances of fan-favorite songs “DON QUIXOTE” and “CLAP.”

SEVENTEEN eagerly greeted CARATs with their opening speeches. DK shared his resolve, “I ripped my pants [yesterday], and I’ll also ‘rip’ (Korean slang meaning to slay) the stage today,” referring to his passionate performance from the previous night’s concert that caused him to rip his pants. Hoshi didn’t fail to amp up the crowd with his “tiger claws,” getting the whole stadium to cheer along with him, especially as he showcased an impromptu performance of his solo track “Spider,” which Dino followed up with his solo track “Wait.”

S.Coups shared, “I’ve returned [to the stage] for the first time in eight months,” He added, “There are parts where I leave the stage and join again, but when I join the stage, I’ll be sure to do my best.” Mingyu joked, “Now that we’ve performed for 15 minutes and talked for 40 minutes, shall we move on to the next performances?”

After the group’s playful opening speeches in which they shared their first heart-to-heart with CARATs, SEVENTEEN moved on to emotional performances of “Don’t Wanna Cry,” “F*ck My Life,” and “Rock with you.”

Highlighting SEVENTEEN’s strength and talents as unit groups next with popular B-Side tracks—including from their latest 11th mini album “Seventeenth Heaven”—SEVENTEEN’s Vocal Team took to the stage with their emotional performances of “Pinwheel,” “Dust,” and “Yawn,” which left both members and CARATs alike tearing up. Receiving the baton next, the Performance Team went all out as they showcased their skilled dance moves through “I Don’t Understand But I Luv U,” “HIGHLIGHT,” and “Back 2 Back.” Finally, Hip Hop Team heated up the stage with their passionate rapping for “Fire,” “Back it up,” and “Monster.”

Coming back together again as one unit, SEVENTEEN delivered musical-like performances next with “HOME;RUN,” “Left & Right,” “BEAUTIFUL,” and “God of Music.”

While taking a break with a brief talk segment, the members complimented each other on their unit performances. Joshua revealed, “I was tearing up, but I saw Seungkwan and DK were completely crying.” The members also took time to briefly put the spotlight on TWS—the new rookie boy group under PLEDIS Entertainment who attended the concert as guests—by singing their debut song “plot twist.”

SEVENTEEN impressed the crowd with “April shower” and “All My Love,” which were accompanied by a breathtaking drone show that conveyed a touching letter to fans. CARATs reciprocated the love as they sang “Snap Shoot” for the group. As SEVENTEEN prepared for the next stage of their concert, they gave the floor to the live band, dance crew, and CARATs, who sang along to a medley of hit SEVENTEEN songs, creating a stunning light performance of their own with their light sticks.

As the concert neared its climax, SEVENTEEN performed “Anyone” and “Good to Me.” Having gathered energy from CARATs after seeing their light stick ocean wave, SEVENTEEN wrapped up with a fiery performance of “HOT,” which concluded just as hotly on stage with fireworks. Although SEVENTEEN left the stage, CARATs called for an encore with witty and sweet slogans.

As always, Hoshi promised that the length of encore is determined by how loudly CARATs scream. As SEVENTEEN returned to the stage with bright smiles, they performed “Ima (Korean ver.),” “Run to You,” and “Together.”

Finally, in their concluding speeches, S.Coups shared, “I once again felt that standing on stage with the members is an enjoyable time. As long as my condition allows, I’ll be with the members, so it’ll be great if you can cheer me on.” Jeonghan continued, “Today was also really fun. I’m already excited for the next concert and the next comeback,” while Joshua conveyed his gratitude by saying, “Thank you for always giving us such great energy.”

Jun sweetly shared, “Thank you for coming to see us in the cold weather,” asking fans to be careful of catching a cold. Hoshi lightheartedly shared, “Thank you for spending such precious time with us. I want to give everyone an enjoyable time, and I feel great because I think I did a great job [with that].” Wonwoo shared, “I’m happy to have spent meaningful time with CARATs today.” Mentioning SEVENTEEN’s packed schedule this year, he added, “Let’s see each other often this year.” Woozi commented, “Thank you for loving me despite me being so lacking. I will stand on your side, and I hope you gain a lot of strength from us.”

The8 shared, “I remember in the past I said it doesn’t have to be a flower road that we’re walking on as long as we’re with CARATs, but it already feels like I’m walking a flower road with CARATs.” Mingyu relayed, “I will showcase cool stages and performances that everyone wants to see,” and DK shared, “Please think of me as being by your side, and whether you are happy or having a hard time, please don’t forget we’re by your side.”

Seungkwan reminisced on his experience of watching the first “FOLLOW” concert take place from the audience’s seats, explaining, “I felt sorry I couldn’t be there and add strength [by performing]. But even then, that space was filled with so much warmth and love that it was an unforgettable experience.” Vernon remarked, “I think it’s a great happiness to be with sincere people,” expressing his enjoyment to be with CARATs at the concert, and Dino concluded, “I had such a good time today,” reflecting on his beginnings with “Adore U” and his love for the stage as well as music and dance, adding how precious the current moment is.

With the crowd cheering for SEVENTEEN, the group returned to the stage again for their never-ending encore with “Headliner” and “VERY NICE,” delivering fans an unforgettable concert experience with their unrivaled energy.

Following the successful conclusion of SEVENTEEN’s “FOLLOW” Again to Incheon concerts, SEVENTEEN will host their “FOLLOW” Again to Seoul concerts on April 27 and 28 at the Seoul World Cup Stadium. Afterwards, SEVENTEEN will head to Japan to perform at Osaka’s Yanmar Stadium Nagai on May 18 and 19, followed by two nights of concerts at Kanagawa’s Nissan Stadium on May 25 and 26.

In addition to the concerts, SEVENTEEN is currently running “THE CITY” program for fans to enjoy various entertainment and activities adjacent to the concerts. SEVENTEEN is also gearing up for their upcoming comeback slated for April 29.

What was your favorite moment from the “FOLLOW” world tour? Let us know in the comments below!

Photo Credit: PLEDIS Entertainment

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