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SEVENTEEN Gears Up For “FOLLOW” Again To Incheon With Spectacular “The City” Fan Events

SEVENTEEN delivered a spectacular week filled with events for CARATs leading up to their “FOLLOW” Again to Incheon concert!

Taking place from the end of March to early April alongside SEVENTEEN’s “FOLLOW” Again to Incheon concert, SEVENTEEN prepared a series of entertaining events that fans can participate in through the SEVENTEEN “FOLLOW” The City program.

Artist-Made Collection by SEVENTEEN Season 2 Pop-Up Store

Date & Location: March 12 to March 25, Shinsegae Department Store in Gangnam, Seoul

SEVENTEEN’s Artist-Made Collection pop-up featured a display of merchandise for which the members personally take turns actively participating in the creative process. Season 2 of the collection consists of merchandise made by members Hoshi, Wonwoo, Woozi, and The8, who brainstormed what merchandise they wanted to present to fans based on their interests and hobbies.

The Artist-Made Collection is also available to purchase for global fans on Weverse Shop.


Date & Location: March 20 to April 12, The Seouliteum in Seongdong, Seoul

SEVENTEEN’s photo exhibition “FOLLOW FELLOW” documents and provides insight into the daily lives of SEVENTEEN and their music-making creative process in which they fine-tune their high quality performances from the dance practice rooms to the concert stage. The exhibition gives CARATs an in-depth look into each step of the process that leads SEVENTEEN to the stage, allowing fans to “follow” along in their journey from start to finish. Starting with photos reflecting the passion of SEVENTEEN in the practice room, the exhibition also gives a behind-the-scenes look of what goes on backstage at concerts and finally delivers the exhilarating experience of being front and center of a SEVENTEEN concert.


Date & Location: March 29 to April 6, Factorial Seongsu in Seongdong, Seoul

In addition to the pop-up and exhibition, SEVENTEEN further prepared a “FOLLOW” Lounge for fans. At the Lounge, fans can enjoy a photo zone and a photo booth as well as an overall festive atmosphere with exciting events. The Lounge showcases digital content of SEVENTEEN such as music videos and an exhibition area that proudly displays SEVENTEEN’s awards.


Date & Location: March 29, Aragimpo Passenger Terminal to Banghwa Bridge (Han River route)

Hyping up fans before the concert D-Day, fans enjoyed a cruise trip across the Han River! SEVENTEEN’s Cruise Party sold out within a whopping eight minutes, and over 500 fans from all over the globe attended the concert. With music from Bumzu—a producer who is one of the creative masterminds working with SEVENTEEN—and DJ Jin Rico, CARATs had a blast singing along and dancing to SEVENTEEN’s music as they took in the festive atmosphere.

Fans of diverse nationalities came together on the cruise, humming along to SEVENTEEN’s discography, filming dance covers, and making new CARAT friends. The cruise reached a climax as fans gathered together on the upper decks to watch fireworks illuminating the night sky over the Han River, creating a night to remember through an unforgettable experience filled with SEVENTEEN.

SEVENTEEN “FOLLOW” Again to Incheon Concert

Date & Location: March 30-31, Incheon Asiad Main Stadium SOUTH SQUARE

At long last, as SEVENTEEN’s “FOLLOW” world tour wraps up, the group will be hosting their encore tour starting with two nights of their concert at the Incheon Asiad Main Stadium on March 30 and 31. The following month, SEVENTEEN will host their “FOLLOW” Again to Seoul concert on April 27 and 28 at the Seoul World Cup Stadium, and then in May, SEVENTEEN will head to Japan to perform at Osaka’s Yanmar Stadium Nagai on May 18 and 19, followed by two nights of concerts at Kanagawa’s Nissan Stadium on May 25 and 26.

The Incheon concert venue also delivers a special experience to fans through the Playground, which offers multiple programs including an exhibition wall (which showcases messages from SEVENTEEN), a play screen showing official SEVENTEEN clips, the CARAT Zone, and more.

Did you attend the “FOLLOW” tour? Share your favorite experience with us below!

Photo Credit: HYBE

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