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Saucy Santana Posts Positive Pregnancy Test On Social Media

Saucy Santana took to Instagram on Thursday, May 30, to share a photo of a positive pink pregnancy test, and social media is reacting to the interesting image.

The rapper used Tupac’s 1991 hit song ‘Brenda’s Got A Baby’ as the audio for the post.

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Social Media Reacts To Saucy Santana’s Post

Saucy may not be pregnant, but could the test belong to one of his besties? Miami rappers Caresha or JT of the City Girls?

Social media shared their silly and scientific reactions to Saucy’s Insta Story.

“He’s just probably constipated,” @msmoinic74 quipped.

Another commenter suspected the fallen music mogul got his home girl, Caresha, pregnant. @sic.0_0 said, “It’s caresha’s she let the diddler give her a fiddler.”

@_pettyking joined the foolery, stating, “In the case of Saucy Santana’s baby… Dj Akademiks… You ARE the father!”

Roomie @christina_mcalliter87 stated that the ‘Whole Family’ rapper could have shot up somebody’s club, writing, “Who he got pregnant?” However, Saucy is a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community and has publicly stated that he only dates men. It is unlikely that this has occurred, but it isn’t impossible.

Another Roommate gave a biological explanation. He explained that if Saucy urinated on the test and got a positive test result, it could indicate that his body has cancerous cells.

@jakademik_md said, “Some context: With testicular cancer we use tumor markers to help us distinguish between the different variations of testicular cancer: AFP, LDH and hcG (which is what’s tested with pregnancy test), if a man produces enough hcG to trigger a positive test then the alarms go off, if he’s not telling he should go see a Urologist, get an exam and ultrasound, be prudent Mr. Saucy.”

@shellagene agreed, “I hate to say it but he may have cancer, Men who pee on pregnancy tests that become positive have cancer. Get checked bruh!”

Hopefully, Saucy will give some clarity soon because the innanets is waiting to see who is actually with child.

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