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Robert Irwin Does His Travis Kelce Impression, Says He’s Interested in ‘Dancing With the Stars’ (Exclusive)

Taylor Swift‘s gonna love this. During one of ET’s Spilling the E-Tea segments, Robert Irwin, out of nowhere, busted out his best Travis Kelce impression, and he delivered!

It all went down when Bindi Irwin was trying to set up the next question by prefacing they were in “Viva Las Vegas,” for Saturday’s Steve Irwin Gala. Robert and Bindi’s mom, Terri Irwin, nodded along while waiting for the question, but Robert just couldn’t help himself.

“Yes, we are viva, as Travis Kelce would say,” said Robert before belting out his best Travis singing voice, though probably not the Super Bowl celebration version. Travis may redeem himself at his Kelce Jam Music Festival next weekend.

In any event, mom and sis loved Robert’s impression, but back to Bindi’s question, which went to her brother when she asked him what fashion advice he’d have for her and their mom. Remember, Robert’s fashion game is on point. You’ll recall Robert made his runway debut in March at the Suit Up Runway for the 2024 Melbourne Fashion Festival in Australia.

“I feel like, Bindi, you’ve been doing this recently. You’ve been going the tucked-in-layered look, which is really good,” he said. “What I’d suggest for you, what would really work really well for you — big word time — monochromatic layer I think would work really well.”

Robert Irwin during his runway debut at the 2024 Melbourne Fashion Festival in Australia in March 2024.Getty

Robert, proving he’s not just a conservationist but also a novice fashion icon, offered her examples of what he meant, prompting his mother to quip, “Who are you?!”

The family is in town for the upcoming gala, which honors the late Steve Irwin, who died in 2006 at 44 after an incident with a stingray. The gala will also raise money and awareness for animal conservation at the annual Steve Irwin Gala.

Steve Irwin carrying daughter Bindi Irwin on the palm of his hand with wife Terri Irwin at The Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course premiere in 2022.SGranitz/WireImage

For their entire lives, Bindi and Robert have looked and cared after animals, but that in and of itself had Terri wondering, if there was a TV show the siblings could be on that wasn’t about wildlife, what show would that be?

“I would like to see you both on Dancing With the Stars,” interjected Bindi, who in 2015 won season 21 of the dancing competition show. “I think you guys would be really good at that.”

Robert, if offered the opportunity, said he’d jump on it.

“I’d give that a go,” he said. “Yeah, I’d give it a go. I’d do it.”

Bindi Irwin and Derek Hough after winning season 21 of Dancing With the Stars.Getty

Bindi, who won the Mirrorball Trophy with partner Derek Hough, is adamant her brother would fare very well. The topic had Terri wondering what it was like for Bindi to win the competition show in 2015.

“It still doesn’t feel real,” she said. “It still doesn’t feel real but I think you guys would shock yourselves with how good you would be.”

Terri interjected, “Can I tell you, I thought it was funny ’cause with Dancing With the Stars you, every week, you go in to do the show, which of course was live, and you pack your bag because if you get voted off, you get on a plane, directly fly to New York to do Good Morning America. And every week you religiously packed your bag and thought, ‘This is it. I’m gonna go home.’ … but it wasn’t until the second to the last show that you said, ‘Maybe I have a chance.’ I thought that was funny ’cause you scored more 10s than anyone who’s ever been on the show.”


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