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Renowned Choreographer Shows Support For Min Hee Jin Amidst Controversy With HYBE

ADOR’s own choreographers are also upset.

ADOR is currently embroiled in a legal battle with parent company HYBE.

CEO Min Hee Jin previously accused girl group ILLIT of copying ADOR’s group, NewJeans. ILLIT is a five-member group under BELIFT LAB, another HYBE subsidiary. They debuted on March 25 with their title track “Magnetic.”

It is because I began bringing up internal issues since a month ago. Once I raised questions about the several issues that came to light after ILLIT copied NewJeans, I suddenly received notice that HYBE was trying to terminate me.

— Min Hee Jin

She mentioned that their choreographers were upset at ILLIT’s alleged plagiarism. One of them was likely BLACK.Q from dance crew EODDAE, the performance director of ADOR.

A viral video compares five instances where the dance moves of ILLIT were highly similar to NewJeans’ own performances, backing up Min Hee Jin’s concerns.

Another famous choreographer, Kasper, is also on her side regarding this issue. The famous SM Entertainment choreographer expressed his support towards the latter, saying in his Instagram Story that he is “cheering her on” amidst the plagiarism accusations and more.

He is famous for making dances such as EXO‘s “Ko Ko Bop” and SHINee’s “Don’t Call Me.” He was friends with Min Hee Jin when she worked at SM Entertainment from 2002-2018 as their Creative Director.

During her press conference, Min Hee Jin clarified that she was not angry at ILLIT themselves, blaming the adults in charge of the young girls instead.

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ADOR’s Min Hee Jin Claims ILLIT Isn’t The “Problem” When It Comes To Them “Copying” NewJeans

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