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Princess Catherine Becoming Like ‘Daughter’ King Charles Never Had Amid Cancer Treatment Bonding

There’s a silver lining to this cancer news. Princess Catherine and King Charles III are finding a bond like never before during their concurrent treatments!

Royal biographer Sally Bedell Smith told People on Wednesday that His Majesty has gotten incredibly close with his daughter-in-law over the years — and the feelings have only grown deeper now that they’re both fighting a cancer battle at the same time. The source explained:

“He has always had a very good bond with her. I don’t think it is presumptuous to say that she is like the daughter he never had. He shares with [Prince] William an impulse to protect her. They are in this together, Kate and the King.”

Oof. While that’s very sweet, it’s also something of a jab at Prince Harry! Last year, previously unheard tapes of a Princess Diana interview revealed she once overheard Charles complaining about welcoming their second son when he “wanted a girl” instead. So the fact Kate Middleton has swooped in to fill that spot has to hurt for the Spare author a bit!

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That said, the in-laws’ connection — especially lately — has been too obvious to deny. After the 42-year-old shared her diagnosis with the world, Buckingham Palace released a message of support in which the 75-year-old said he was “so proud of Catherine for her courage in speaking as she did.” A day before the video went live, they also met for a private lunch at Windsor Castle.

Noting they’re not just relatives but “two patients going through a common health experience,” a royal source explained:

“[They] are bound to have a close connection… I imagine there was some comfort [for Kate] in seeing… that it was possible to balance some private information without there being an imperative to share all.”

At first Kate tried not to say anything at all. Conspiracy theories about Kate’s health and well-being took on a life of their own over the last few weeks amid her recovery from an unknown surgery. Much of this drama was made worse by the infamous photoshop controversy, a former longtime palace aide noted:

“It unleashed a pent-up feeling that people wanted information — unfortunately, that’s the curse of being a modern royal.”

Ultimately, she was forced to speak out about her scary diagnosis. Maybe it helped Charles had revealed he had cancer right away — and she was able to see that as evidence she didn’t have to hold everything back? In any case, her reveal certainly changed things for the public. As royal historian Amanda Foreman put it:

“This was the day that the royal family came crashing down to earth, and you realize they are just human beings.”

Amid this difficult time for the family, the Prince of Wales is staying focused on his loved ones — and ignoring any lingering tension with his brother, the aide concluded:

“There will be a lot more pressure on William, but he’s always been aware of that. He has evolved to lead, and he is leading.”

It can’t be easy for him to watch his father and wife go through medical treatments simultaneously! But at least his corner of the family is staying united. Thoughts? Share ’em (below)!

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