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PREMIERE: Tom Apex Offers Thundering Flip of Timeless Hit “Pure Imagination”

Originating from Dillenburg, Germany, Tom Apex has built quite the following around his project, amassing millions of streams, enthralling audiences worldwide with his inventive take on dance music. Continuously evolving and redefining his sound, his adept fusion of classical elements with modern influences positions him as a trailblazing figure in the field. With each stride, Tom Apex ventures further into uncharted musical realms, not merely creating music but also sculpting the trajectory of bass-house’s future.

Now, we’re thrilled to premiere his wildly creative flip of the timeless hit “Pure Imagination”, infusing it with a groovy, bass house vibe. Delving into the realms of nostalgia, Tom Apex’s rendition, bearing the same title, ingeniously reimagines the original melody, crafting an entrancing intro that seamlessly transitions into a dynamic bass-house masterpiece. With its rich layers, pulsating rhythms, and evocative synth elements, the track is poised to keep audiences grooving well into the summer months.

I stumbled upon the original version of pure imagination one day while scrolling through TikTok and I knew then and there that I had to cover this. I immediately stopped everything that I was doing and started working on the project. After sending the first version into a group chat Miles from Asunder sent me a mp3 file called “Tom” with no context. Turns out he built some ideas around my initial idea and I thought ‘yup that’s exactly what I had imagined for this project’ and we got to work. Almost a year after countless sessions with Miles and Habib, my girlfriend Aylin then recorded the vocals for this project and that’s how ‘pure imagination’ came to be. My initial Idea was inspired by those nostalgic liminal space pictures with the intent of making a song that makes you feel nostalgic for a time you never had.” – Tom Apex

Featuring the exceptional talents of Asunder, Aylin Kayvan, and Lucas Taucoory, “Pure Imagination” emerges as a fusion of musical brilliance, each artist infusing the track with their distinctive flair, thereby ensuring that this rendition remains as captivating as its predecessor.

Listen below!

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