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Pregnant Woman’s Chef Husband ‘Ghosted’ Her – But Going Viral FINALLY Helped Her Track Him Down!

A single mother managed to track down her MIA husband with the help of social media… And now she’s divorcing his ass!

Earlier this week, Massachusetts woman Ashley McGuire vulnerably opened up online about how her husband Charles Withers walked out on her and their two kids without a trace. But she had a feeling “the power of Facebook” could help her locate him.

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In a FB post that’s since gone viral, she wrote about how last year when she was pregnant with their second child, “he decided being a husband and a daddy wasn’t the lifestyle he wanted anymore and ghosted, like, gone without a trace.” Jeez!!!

In the time that’s passed, she gave birth to the baby — who’s now sadly never met their father. She claimed that he moved “somewhere out of state and changed his phone number,” leaving her to raise their kids alone.


But don’t be mistaken, y’all — she doesn’t want him back! She just wanted to get in touch with him so she could divorce him! So, she asked Facebook to help in her search. See (below):

And less than 24 hours later, Ashley’s DMs blew up with “hundreds of messages” helping her track her ex down — who now just goes by Charlie and lives in Texas. She made it clear that she wishes no “ill will,” and that she just wants to be able to close this chapter of her life with a divorce and move on. Read her update (below):

Ashley went on Boston’s JAM’N 94.5 on Monday and dished tons of more deets about the situation — including his response to being suddenly discovered through the power of social media. Ch-ch-check out some of her brief interview clips (below):

What a wild ride! Thank goodness for social media platforms and for women stepping up and helping locate this dude in the Lone Star State!

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[Images via Ashley McGuire/Instagram & Warner Bros./YouTube]

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