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Popular Korean Singer Shocks Fans With Pregnancy Announcement

Baek A Yeon, a beloved Korean singer who first captured the public’s attention on the audition show K-Pop Star, has announced her pregnancy eight months after her marriage to a non-celebrity.

| @ayeoniiiiii/Instagram

The 31-year-old shared the delightful news on her social media, expressing joy over the new addition to her family.

A little angel-like gift has come to our family.

I’m sorry I couldn’t tell you sooner. Now, half of this 10-month journey has passed, and in five months, we will be able to meet our baby. Becoming a mother for the first time is more marvelous and greater than I thought, and I am feeling these things day by day with my whole body. Thank you, Mom.

— Baek A Yeon

Known for her resilience, Baek A Yeon faced a severe health challenge during her childhood, battling malignant lymphoma, which required her to take a hiatus from school. Despite these hardships, she nurtured her dream of becoming a singer. Her dream eventually came true after gaining fame on a popular television show. Baek’s career officially took off when she signed with JYP Entertainment in 2012.

In the pregnancy announcement, Baek revealed that they are expecting a daughter, whom they have affectionately nicknamed “Yongyongi.” The singer shared a touching ultrasound image online, where she is also seen wearing a maternity badge, subtly indicating her advanced pregnancy.

As Baek A Yeon’s journey to becoming a mother continues, her fans and family have sent her plenty of congratulations on social media.

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