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NLE Choppa Says He Makes His ‘Freakiest’ Songs When He’s Celibate

NLE Choppa has some raunchy songs in his catalog – and he says they’re a product of when he’s not having sex in real life.

The Tennessee native was a guest on the latest episode of the Fame & Flavor cooking show, published on Tuesday (May 14). While cheffing up some “rasta pasta” with host Cugine, Choppa explained his song-making process.

“I make my most freakiest songs when I’m celibate,” he said. “I just fuck the beat, ya feel me?”

He later asked Cugine his thoughts on the main criticism he received over his most recent raunchy track, “Slut Me Out 2.”

“If you was a bad bitch, would you fuck you?” Choppa asked. Upon getting a yes, he added: “Exactly! So why is everybody tripping?!”

On “Slut Me Out 2,” NLE Choppa raps about how he’d want to sleep with himself if he was a woman.

If I was a bad bitch, I’d wanna fuck me too, hmm/ I’d wanna suck me too, hmm/ I’d wanna slut me too, hmm.”

That led to some fans questioning his sexual orientation upon its release in April, with one social media user writing: “He basically saying he’d fuck a sexy dude. He’s literally admitting to having lustful thought about men.”

Another said: “What makes it worse is that he literally could have changed just like 4 words to make it at least alright but he just had to make it sus.”

Before the single’s release, NLE Choppa appeared to anticipate more negative reactions and attempted to silence the online chatter ahead of time.

“I understand me being in love with myself as a BLACKMAN is so RARE to the point some people try putting the homosexual jacket on my name but with all due respect I love ALL, but my intimacy lies with women only,” he wrote on X (formerly Twitter).

Despite the criticism, the song has gained support from the LGBTQ community due to its dance-y vibe, self-loving lyrics, and fun, sexy video, and the Memphis rapper couldn’t be more grateful.

Last month, he took to X (formerly known as Twitter) to thank the community.

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“I’m noticing the LGBTQ community showing so much love to ‘Slut Me Out 2’ And I Simply Want To Say Thank You,” he wrote in the first post. “IDC what’s normalized as a rapper, I was raised to Fuck with who fuck with you! So thank y’all for appreciating my craft.. My music For ALL we do NO Discrimination.”

The comment was met with some resistance by fans, who called out NLE Choppa for the shoutout — but he quickly shut the pushback down.

“I’m gay for showing love?” he said to one critic who accused him of “being gay” in response to the first post. “Y’all men lost that’s why we killing each other everyday cause y’all can’t show love and whole time yall be the ones that get down like that but be hiding it! Me saying thank you got nun to do with my sexuality busta.”

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