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NewJeans Announces May Comeback and World Tour Plans

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In an exciting announcement for fans across the globe, the popular K-pop group NewJeans, under their label ADOR, has revealed plans for a dynamic comeback this May, setting the stage for a year filled with music, fan meetings, and an eagerly anticipated world tour in 2025.

The news broke on March 26, through the fan communication app Phoning, detailing NewJeans’ strategy to release double singles on May 24 in Korea and June 21 in Japan, followed by fan meetings at the iconic Tokyo Dome on June 26 and 27. Kicking off their 2024 activities with the double single release in Korea, the group will introduce their title track “How Sweet” alongside “Bubble Gum,” and instrumental versions of each, totaling four tracks. “Bubble Gum” is slated to feature in Japanese commercials and TV program themes in the upcoming month.

The Japanese double single release on June 21 marks NewJeans’ official debut in Japan, comprising the title track “Supernatural,” “Right Now,” and their instrumentals. “Right Now” will get a pre-release as a commercial song in both Korea and Japan this May. The group aims to enhance accessibility by distributing the Japanese single globally alongside its local release.

ADOR shared insights into NewJeans’ plans, highlighting the group’s intention to perform on music shows in both Korea and Japan, promising abundant high-quality performances for their fans, known affectionately as Bunnies. Following the Japanese double single release, NewJeans will host their second fan meeting, “Bunnies Camp 2024 Tokyo Dome,” marking their first solo concert in Japan and setting a record for the fastest debut to Tokyo Dome entry by an overseas artist in just 1 year and 11 months. Their powerful fanbase, proven by the massive turnout at last year’s “Summer Sonic” even before their official Japan debut, underlines the group’s impressive momentum.

Furthermore, plans for a new album release in the latter half of the year and a world tour in 2025 were also unveiled. ADOR expressed the fan meeting as a stepping stone towards the world tour, emphasizing their commitment to presenting fans with high-quality performances.

This detailed revelation of NewJeans’ ambitious plans for 2024 and beyond has undoubtedly heightened anticipation for what musical and content gems the group will unveil next. Since their last comeback with the EP “Get Up” in July of the previous year, NewJeans has been on a whirlwind journey, balancing a tight schedule with short breaks for rejuvenation. Now, they are fully prepared to surprise fans once again with new music and performances, inviting everyone to keep a close eye on their exciting journey ahead.

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