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Netizens Are Furious At Audience’s “Disrespectful” Reactions To A Fourth-Gen Girl Group’s Emotional First Win

“This is absolutely insane…”

TripleS had a huge achievement but netizens are angry after seeing the “disrespect” from the audience.

The members of TripleS | @triplescosmos/Twitter

On May 14, all 24 members of tripleS appeared on The Show, and performed their new track “Non Scale.”

If the performance wasn’t enough, netizens couldn’t hide their happiness when the group got their first win.

Unsurprisingly, after so much hard work, the members were emotional.

Even with strong emotions, the members produced a stunning encore that probably featured the most amount of idols seen in one group on one stage for their win.

Sadly, while the members seemed very excited, netizens noticed that not everyone in the crowd felt the same. As the members started their impressive encore, the people on the floor in the audience seemed preoccupied or unbothered as they looked away from the members or chatted among themselves.

Luckily, a group of male fans came with fans and made sure to sing along and show their support with the TripleS lightstick.

The male fans were in full force, but as a clip moved to them cheering, some of the audience seemed “annoyed” or “disgusted” at what was happening, shaking their heads or just looking like they weren’t happy.

Another shot shows a group of male fans cheering, and a woman in front has her fingers in her ears to either block out the group or other fans’ cheers.

When the GIFs and pictures of some of the audience were shared, it’s not surprising that fans were angry. Although it would be upsetting if your favorite idol didn’t win, it seemed disrespectful to the members who had worked so hard. Netizens also loved how there were male fans joining the members in their win and being so enthusiastic.

Whether you stan a group or not, many think fans should respect all idols, especially during such an exciting time.

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