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Napster Is Promoting Its Streaming Platform Through Fortune Cookies

Nearly 25 years after forever changing the fabric of digital music distribution, it seems Napster is still focused on innovation. This time around, they’re experimenting with a more unconventional form of marketing: fortune cookies. 

Napster, which is now a streaming service, has partnered with OpenFortune, a marketing company whose mission is rooted in promoting brands through fortune cookies distributed to restaurants.

Their campaign will embed papers with QR codes into cookies to promote individual artists as well as the Napster platform, giving them a three-month free trial. Over 50 million fortune cookies will be distributed, Music Ally reports.

While it might seem silly on the surface, it’s tough to deny the creativity of promoting music through an after-dinner snack. We’re not aware of any data from OpenFortune elucidating how much a campaign like this can affect streaming numbers, but time will tell if their strategy is worth baking into a music release rollout.

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