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MORGAN LANDER Explains Why Now Is The Perfect Time For A KITTIE Reunion

Kittie is set to release their first new record since 2011, named Fire, sometime later this year via Sumerian Records. But what made Kittie not only wanna come back for some shows, but make a whole new record? According to Kittie vocalist Morgan Lander in an interview with Metal Hammer, it’s just perfect timing.

“I just think that the world is ready for us now,” said Lander. “A lot of the things that we were doing 25 years ago were still… I don’t want to say controversial, but they seemed so new. It definitely has a lot to do with a shift in thinking and acceptance and representation in the years since the very first time that Kittie came out. Sometimes it just takes the world a bit of time to catch up and appreciate those things.”

Which makes sense considering all the nü-stalgia and the new wave of nü-metal in recent years. Lander also touched on Kittie‘s end, saying the band stopped gaining footing and even had some abysmally-attended shows.

“I think the best way to describe it is we just sort of overstayed our welcome. We were doing a lot of headlining shows, constantly touring, and never really seemed to gain much footing or interest.”

She added: “There were some nights on some of those tours in the very last few years where 50 people would show up to a show. That’s a hard thing as an artist to grapple with. I do remember having conversations where it was like, ‘I don’t feel like I can do this anymore. I need to try new things.'”

Kittie recently released their first new song in 13 years “Eyes Wide Open”, which Lander said was one of the first ones the band worked on.

“Our first new material in 13 years, ‘Eyes Wide Open’ is a vision quest for truth. It is a torch lit in the darkness of ignorance to reveal one’s true motives. ‘Eyes Wide Open’ is a lesson in trust, betrayal, and ultimately the ability to see behind the curtain to reveal all. It was one of the first songs we wrote, coming together again after a long time away from creating, and I think you can really hear the fires reigniting in this track.”

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