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MONSTA X’s I.M Shocks Fans With Sexually Explicit New Song

“Can’t nobody f*ck you like me…”

MONSTA X‘s I.M recently released his third EP, Off The Beat, along with the MV for the title track “LURE.”

While every song of his is naturally sexy due to his deep voice, one of the six songs is marked as explicit. It rightfully earned this rating.


The song in question is track 4, “Skyline.” It’s clear from the start that the song is about sex, as I.M sings about not being gentle, “touchin’ all the time,” removing clothes, etc.

In the chorus, I.M even instructs, “Give me the lead, you can leave the wet sheets.” Despite this explicit line, it’s the second verse that has listeners gasping, as he states, “Can’t nobody f*ck you like me, baby, hold this vibe, yeah.”

All day, all night, we will take this so wild
I see you shy, oh, that makes me on fire
Can’t nobody f*ck you like me, baby, hold this vibe, yeah
There’s no reason to lie, baby, I can read your mind, yeah
It doesn’t matter if you have some flaws
‘Cause you are the one where I should belong
Take off your bad thoughts like I took your shirts off
Feel what you need, so just leave it to me, yeah

— I.M, “Skyline”


MONBEBEs were shook by this song, as I.M left nothing for interpretation. Literally, as it’s in English, there’s no mistranslation here!

Despite being one of the writers for “Skyline,” I.M got shy when talking about the track, even suggesting the lyrics could be “interpreted.” Still, he said that it was fun to write and it would be fun to perform. Tour when?!

Gone are the days when he had to tiptoe and use innuendo for his songs. Previously, MONSTA X sang, “I really, really wanna love you. But I can’t say the word I want to ’cause they won’t play it on the radio.” Now that I.M is under SONY MUSIC KOREA, he can sing whatever he wants!

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