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Meet The Gorgeous Thai Pageant Queen About To Make Her Debut

She’s gorgeous so it makes sense!

In February 2024, Chuang Asia Thailand, a spin-off of Produce Camp, began to air. Like the previous version of the show, trainees competed to debut in a brand new temporary group.

Among the celebrity mentors was GOT7‘s Jackson Wang, who served as the show’s lead mentor as well.

Only nine winning trainees remained by the show’s end, forming the new temporary group GEN1ES (pronounced genies).

GEN1ES | Wonderland.

GEN1ES is a diverse group of girls comprising members from many different countries, including Thailand-born member Pailiu.

GEN1ES’ Pailiu | WeTV

Pailiu is actually Thai and Vietnamese but was born in Thailand in 1999. During her time on the show, Pailiu was extremely popular, only falling out of the top nine once and ranking 3rd in the final episode.

| WeTV
| WeTV

Prior to her time on the show, Pailiu was active in the pageant world!

Pailiu was crowned Miss Grand Nakhon Phanom 2023, leading her to qualify to compete in the Miss Grand Thailand 2023 competition.

| @pailiuuur/Instagram

Miss Grand Thailand was held in the country, however, several contestants accompanied the head of the Miss Grand International competition to Vietnam, where the Miss Grand International 2023 was set to take place.

Pailiu’s pre-survival show popularity can be seen, as crowds gathered to see her.

| VN Express
| Miss Grand Thailand

Ultimately, Pailiu was crowned fifth runner-up in the pageant, which meant she did not advance to the international competition.

| @pailiuuur/Instagram

However, it is obvious she was meant for international fame as she is now a member of GEN1ES!

You can check out GEN1ES’ pre-release track below.


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