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“Marry My Husband’s” Song Ha Yoon Admits To Being Expelled For School Bullying

The actress is alleged to have slapped a victim for 90 minutes.

Song Ha Yoon acknowledged that she had been forcibly transferred out of her previous school for bullying.

Song Ha Yoon

On April 2, King Kong by Starship spoke with My Daily. According to the actress’s label, Song Ha Yoon had indeed been expelled from her previous school due to school bullying.

It is true that Song Ha Yoon was forcibly transferred out of Banpo High School due to a school bullying case.

— Song Ha Yoon

The agency, however, claimed that the case had nothing to do with the accuser who first levied bullying allegations against her.

The case has nothing to do with the accuser. The actress has never met the accuser. We hesitated to reveal the fact that she was expelled due to the fact that her expulsion had nothing to do with the abuser. We are currently gathering evidence of defamation online internally.

— Song Ha Yoon

The agency’s statements come just a day after the actress was alleged to have bullied a former schoolmate. You can read more about the allegations in the link below.

Netizens Name “Marry My Husband” Song Ha Yoon As Alleged Bully In School Violence Accusations


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