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“Lovely Runner” Actor Talks About The Possibility Of Promoting As Group Eclipse

We might have a chance to see them on stage again!

With tvN’s hit K-Drama Lovely Runner finishing on a positive note, many fans still wonder about the band Eclipse from the drama.

| tvN

After the band was first revealed in the drama, fans begged for a concert or album release despite them being a fictional band for the drama.

Eclipse ranking at number 5 on Melon Chart | Melon

All the songs performed in the drama began to rise on music charts, with “Sudden Shower” even entering the top ten on the Melon music chart!

Seeing the songs’ successful records, netizens requested that the band appear on a music broadcast or, better yet, hold a concert!

Most recently, N.Flying’s Seunghyub, who plays band member Baek In Hyuk, held an interview and revealed his thoughts about the drama.

| FNC Entertainment

I actually talked to the other actors about wanting to promote together. Ever since we started practicing, we did talk about how fun it would be to perform. Byeon Woo Seok is also good at singing and it seemed like he wanted to perform. I think the fans would be happy if we performed together.

— Seunghyub

Netizens that saw this begged for some kind of content or performance for the band.

Netizen comments | theqoo
  • “Please come on broadcast once please.”
  • “Please music show please!”
  • “Come on, you can come on at least Mnet.”
  • “Please just once. I’ll watch it over and over.”
  • “Please just once! You can use all the AR you want, just once please!”
  • “Please just one time!”
  • “Please, please, please.”
  • “Please. ‘M Countdown’ just once!”
  • “If the stage is too much pressure, how about ‘Killing Voice’ or ‘It’s Live’ type content.”

Hopefully we will be able to see Ryu Sunjae and Inhyuk with the other members on stage soon!

Source: starnewskorea and theqoo

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