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Lizzo Clarifies Her Recent “I Quit” Message (Video)

Lizzo is clarifying a recent message she shared, which some people perceived as her quitting the music industry.

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Lizzo Clarifies Her Recent Statement About Quitting

On Tuesday, April 2, Lizzo took to Instagram to share a video with fans. In the clip, the singer explained that when she said she “quit,” she meant that she quit giving attention to any “negative energy.”

“When I say, ‘I quit,’ I mean, I quit giving any negative energy attention,” she explained. “What I’m not going to quit is the joy of my life — which is making music, which is connecting to people ’cause I know I’m not alone.”

Lizzo explained that she knows she isn’t the only person dealing with negative thoughts.

“If I can just give one person the inspiration or motivation to stand up for themselves and say they quit letting negative people win — negative comments win, then I’ve done even more than I could’ve hoped for,” the singer said.

Watch her comments below.

Social Media Reacts

Social media users reacted to Lizzo’s explanation of her previous statements in The Shade Room’s comment section.

Instagram user @coffeebeanblackk wrote, She found out she still has contract obligations 😂”

While Instagram user @kimberlyklacik added,Translation: My contract apparently says I can’t quit.”

Instagram user @hescoined wrote,me after i told all my friends i was DONE with him 😂😂 its OK sis, i love me a good backtrack 😂😂 !”

While Instagram user @chassidynacole added, Imagine saying you’re quitting “negative energy” all whilst still responding to that same energy 🥴”

Instagram user @iam_baegoals wrote, Girl I would’ve forgot you quit if you hadn’t reminded me”

While Instagram user @maziimonet added,It’s ok to change your mind .. I told my man I was done 1000 times and we getting married in couple weeks”

Instagram user @rainjasmin_ wrote,Nah she meant it in that moment but then realized she let her emotions take over . Deep down she didn’t want to quit and admitting is embarrassing so now she trying to gaslight us 😂”

While Instagram user @smoknnjingerr added, I miss when we only saw artists on tv as stars and didn’t dig into every aspect of their lives.”

Instagram user @jesssicamichellee wrote, lmao am I being gaslighted right now ?”

Here’s What The Singer Initially Said

As The Shade Room previously reported, on March 30, Lizzo took to Instagram to share an emotional statement with fans. In the post, she explained that she was “tired” of “being dragged” by everyone in her life and on the internet.

Additionally, the singer explained that she is “constantly up against lies” and “didn’t sign up for this s**t.”

Ultimately, Lizzo ended her message with, “I QUIT.”

In response, the singer’s message led many, such as outlets like Fox News and The Telegraph, to believe her message about quitting was related to her music career.

To note, the 35-year-old initially came under fire in August 2023, per The Shade Room. At the time, a lawsuit was filed against Lizzo, accusing her of sexually harassing and weight-shaming her backup dancers.

Then, in September 2023, the allegations against the singer intensified after a fashion designer filed a sexual harassment and discrimination suit against Lizzo.

To date, the singer has denied all of the allegations against her.

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