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Listen to THMPSN's Woozy Drift Phonk Banger, "Nicole Aniston"

THMPSN has released a new single, “Nicole Aniston,” a mesmerizing dive into the murkiest depths of phonk music.

With deep, stentorian bass, the woozy banger is a guiding light for the future of “drift phonk,” a blossoming sub-genre of electronic music that captures the white-knuckle intensity of street racing and drifting culture through sound. It’s named after the adult film star Nicole Aniston, who features with an eerie soliloquy about the elusive journey to self-acceptance.

Amidst the song’s dark and distorted soundscapes, Aniston’s dulcet voice offers an almost meditative respite. “Self-healing can occur in a moment,” she purrs. “It doesn’t need to be a lifelong pursuit. And because there is no end, there’s no finish line. There’s no race. There’s no competition.”

The track, a collaboration with Memphis hip-hop vet Kingpin Skinny Pimp, is the latest masterstroke from the Aussie electronic music producer, who is also an esteemed violinist. THMPSN has appeared as a lecturer at the French Conservatory of Music and played in orchestras at Prague’s legendary Dvořák Hall and the opening of the Australian embassy in Berlin.

“Nicole Aniston” arrives alongside an official music video, which features Aniston herself as she hypnotizes THMPSN in a reiki session. Check out the video below and find the new single on streaming platforms here.

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