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LE SSERAFIM Shock Netizens With The Massive Crowd They Pulled At “Coachella” Weekend 2

“They’re unstoppable!”

Despite facing online scrutiny over their vocal performance, LE SSERAFIM has emerged as a surprising draw at Coachella, pulling in a massive crowd for their second weekend set at the esteemed music festival.

| @le_sserafim/X (formerly known as Twitter)

For those unfamiliar, Coachella is a giant among music festivals, with multiple stages hosting simultaneous performances. Attendees have the freedom to roam the expansive festival grounds in California and choose among the artists playing at any given time. This setup makes the crowd size at a particular stage a fairly accurate barometer of an artist’s popularity and draw in the United States.

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LE SSERAFIM’s ability to attract such a considerable audience speaks volumes about their pulling power. Fans and casual festival-goers alike gathered in droves at their stage, eager to catch the group perform their hits like “UNFORGIVEN,” “FEARLESS,” “ANTIFRAGILE,” and “EASY,” along with “SMART,” and the new unreleased track “1-800-Hot & Fun.”

The turnout was especially noteworthy given that attendees were not locked into a single performance but chose to see LE SSERAFIM amid a plethora of musical acts.

The crowd’s reaction to their set was overwhelmingly positive, with many fans alleging the group’s performance the previous weekend as the reason for their return, hinting at a growing and solidifying fan base.

Evidence of the group’s success came not just from the live-stream footage on YouTube but also from numerous fans who captured and shared pictures of the crowd. A striking testament to their appeal was observed as a considerable number of fans were seen departing the stage area once LE SSERAFIM had finished their performance, suggesting that many had come specifically for them.

LE SSERAFIM’s reception at Coachella’s second weekend has surely surpassed expectations and has provided a solid counterpoint to their online critics. The sheer number of festival-goers they managed to attract is a strong indicator of the group’s potential future.

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