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LA POEM’s Enchanting Summer Night, O.S.T Concert Announcement

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A special concert that will stir the emotions of a summer night is set to capture the hearts of fans soon. It’s the news that LA POEM (Park KiHoon, Yoo ChaeHoon, Jung MinSung, Choi SungHoon), who rose to fame by winning JTBC’s ‘Phantom Singer 3′, is returning to the stage once again. LA POEM has raised fans’ expectations by announcing the hosting of the O.S.T concert ‘Summer Night’s La La Land – Season2’ through their official SNS.

The concert is scheduled to take place over four sessions from May 18th to 19th, and from May 25th to 26th at the COEX Shinhan Card Artium in Gangnam-gu, Seoul. LA POEM is known to present a stage that encompasses beloved O.S.Ts from movies and dramas through this performance. Additionally, they are preparing a situational play corner to add fun, and there is already much anticipation about what new concepts will bring smiles to the fans’ faces.

Their performances have always been received with warm love among fans for their diverse setlists and the members’ solid musical capabilities, earning them the title of ‘performance Avengers’. LA POEM has been active in various fields, including album activities, solo concerts, festivals, and numerous broadcast programs, thereby forming a broad fanbase.

Ticket booking will be available from April 2nd, 8 PM, through Interpark Tickets, so fans who want to experience the charming stage of LA POEM should hurry.

It’s exciting to think about what new aspects LA POEM will show through ‘Summer Night’s La La Land2′, and how their performance will make fans’ summer nights enchanting. Please show a lot of interest and support for LA POEM’s next move.

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