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Kpopmap Takes An Inside Look Behind-The-Scenes Of The New Korean BL Drama “Boys Be Brave” In Exciting New Interview Video | EXCLUSIVE – Kpopmap

Boys Be Brave” is the latest Korean BL that is blessing our screens. Released on April 25th, the drama has already been receiving rave reviews, especially thanks to the talented cast and their shining visuals and chemistry. Starring actors Kim SungHyen, Nam SiAn, Jung YeoJun, and Ahn SeMin, the drama was written by Lee SinWon and directed by Lim HyunHee. It is originally a webtoon adaptation of the Korean webtoon known as “Can’t Confess” or “Roommates” in English (“고백을 못하고” in Korean) by the webtoon author Seok Young.

Kpopmap had the special opportunity to visit the filming set of the new Korean BL drama “Boys Be Brave” before the drama aired. It was a chilly and windy day but despite the cold weather, the atmosphere on set was warm. This might be thanks to the sweet personalities and kind attitudes of all of the actors and production staff, too.


Thanks to that inviting aura, Kpopmap is extending the invitation to our readers. We have prepared exclusive video content for our readers to get an special behind-the-scenes look at what the filming process of “Boys Be Brave” was like.

You can watch the full video at the link below:

To give you a better idea of what the set was like. The atmosphere was electric. Production staff buzzed around setting up cameras, fine-tuning sets, touching up makeup, and more, to shine the brightest possible spotlight on the cast and the story.

With the direction of renowned director, Lim HyunHee, the actors were able to pull off their roles effortlessly, too. This was all the more fascinating to see as the members would use their breaks to relax and laugh with each other, showing just how close their bond is growing. However, the moment that one of the production staff members on set yelled, “Ready? Action!” they were back in the zone and it was business as usual.

The actors showcased the upmost professionalism as they switched from chilled friends during the breaks to shining stars once the cameras were rolling. Don’t get us wrong, though. That shine definitely stayed on once the cameras cut, too.

In fact, it was hard for the Kpopmap team to not be blinded by the actors’ visuals during our interviews with them. Imagine how fans feel watching them on the drama screen itself!

Thank you once again to PAGEONEFILM and NEW BLACK STUDIO for having us on set to capture what is just a fraction of the amazingness that the “Boys Be Brave” K-BL drama is destined to show global audiences.

Haven’t checked out the trailer for “Boys Be Brave” yet? Take a look at it here and stay tuned for the next episodes!


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