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Kim Woojin releases new EP ‘I like the way’ heres what to know!

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Kim Woojin is known for entering the music scene through originally starting off his training with companies such as Fantagio and SM Entertainment. Leaving SM Entertainment to join JYP where he would kick off his career within the 9 member band. After receiving numerous hatred and various racist Tik Tok’s and inappropriate comments during this time, a lot of fans would assure Kim Woojin about his dream and their support towards the artist. 

Despite the hardships for all sides involved, Kim Woojin would move forward with 10X Entertainment and pre release the track and popular fan favourite ‘Still Dream’ in 2021. The track would later be listed as the fourth track on his debut album, ‘’The moment: 未成年 a minor”.

The album itself contained tracks of contemporary pop, ballad and r&b. While the tracks ‘Growing Pains’ and ‘Purple Sky’ held meaningful lyrics for fans who’s been with Woojin through it all, songs like ‘Still Dream’ and ‘Ready Now’ still held the impact for fans of the struggle and pushing through despite it all. Depending on their situation, fans were able to look at the meaning behind it in their own way. 

‘Still Dream’ Official MV. 

Since then, the artist had participated in various projects and OST’s showing off his charms, aura and strength in numerous areas to fans (lovingly and cutely known as ‘Cubs’). Kim Woojin would keep cubs up to date with releases and promotional content throughout his career, since releasing a 6 track EP back in 2023, it would be a surprise to fans that they would kick off the new year with yet another new EP ahead of the official opening of his Weverse community fan page!. 

This time showing off Kim Woojin’s rebellious and rockstar charms with [ I like the Way ] EP, the EP would contain the following 5 tracks: I like the way (Title Track), Pretty Mess, What U Say, Hold and To My Friend. The EP itself is the first official release since signing with SM Entertainment’s sub label ‘Kustomade’. The EP is meant to show Cubs what Kim Woojin is like both on stage and off stage, (as showed by the concept pictorials). 

Kim Woojin I like the Way Pictorial Photo.

Kim Woojin I Like the Way Promotion. 

Don’t forget to check out Kim Woojin’s discography on Spotify or your favourite streaming platform (links provided by Kim Woojin and Kustomade in this Instagram Post here), or check out the official highlight medley and official MV here! 

Congrats to Kim Woojin once again for your comeback!  

‘I Like The Way’ Official MV. 

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