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Key Glock Livestreams Felony Arrest in Atlanta

Key Glock‘s recent felony arrest in Atlanta has been captured on livestream by the rapper himself, who blasted it out to his myriad of fans worldwide.

The online drama unfolded on Thursday (March 28), when Key Glock showed a live video of himself being detained in the back of an Atlanta Police officer’s car. The officer tells the rapper (real name Markeyvius Cathey) that he’ll be ticketed for weed possession.

“Just ‘cause of the smell of weed,” the cop said. “There was a little bit of weed in the car in the little bag from wings. But that’s just a ticket. Just a little like 3.5 [grams].”

But the guns found in the rapper’s car during the traffic stop presented an even bigger issue, as they led to a deeper investigation and the discovery of two open warrants for rapper’s arrest.

“It says they’ll pick you up within 50 miles of Sandy Springs,” the cop said. “And we’re within 50 miles. So, they’ll probably want you, man.”

Key Glock, who was originally pulled over for having tints that were too dark, was subsequently booked on two felony charges for the open warrants.

The Atlanta Police Department confirmed Key Glock’s arrest in a statement to XXL.

“Cathey was arrested on March 28th during a traffic stop at the location of 1960 Piedmont Rd NE regarding an out of jurisdiction arrest warrant and possession of marijuana,” the statement reads. “The report detailing the arrest is still in the process of completion at this time.”

News of the rapper’s arrest has put a damper on his career, which had shown promise above and beyond Hip Hop.

At the beginning of the year, the rapper’s short film for “Let’s Go” was crowned ‘video of the year’ by his fans from just the preview.

The Paper Route Empire artist shared a teaser for the “movie” on January 11, ahead of its January 16 premiere. The action-packed clip features all the makings of a full-length action film with fight scenes, building explosions, fast cars and even Power star, Alix Capri, as Glock’s leading lady.

“Glock schwarzenegger,” one fan commented. Another person wrote: “Video of the year fasho.”

Additional comments included: “This damn near look like a movie trailer, “There ain’t nothing he can’t do!” and, “OH SHIT YOU ON SOM BIG SHIT DOIN MOVIES?!!! Fuck yea Brodie!”

“Let’s Go” lives on the deluxe version of Key Glock’s Glockoma 2 album, released in June of 2023. Prior to this song, other singles released from the LP included “Presidential Rolex,” “No Hook,” and “In And Outta Town.”

Tay Keith Reveals He & Key Glock Have Stashed Enough Music To ‘Drop An Album’

The project doesn’t have any features – and that’s for good reason. Just ahead of its release, Glock shared a sour experience of being ghosted when asking for a verse on one of his songs earlier in his career.

“My first big breakout song that everyone got to know Key Glock,” he told Ebro Darden for Apple Music’s Rap Life. “Dolph wanted me to remix it. I was like, ‘Who you got in mind?’ He named me two people and I was like, ‘Alright, that one other person I know for sure is gon’ through the roof just cus of who he is and his fan base and the machine he got behind him.”

He continued: “I’m like, ‘Don’t just ask him, let’s offer him something.’ I offered him a million dollars, literally a million dollars. Before I physically had it all, ay I’m taking this whole million and giving it to him. After so long, I don’t know the reason they never said no or they didn’t wanna do it or I’ll do it later. It was just no response.”

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