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Kang Hoon In Talks To Join Shin Hye Sun And Lee Jin Wook In Upcoming Romance Drama

Kang Hoon is in discussions to potentially star alongside Shin Hye Sun and Lee Jin Wook in an upcoming drama!

On May 3, STARNEWS reported that Kang Hoon had been cast in one of the lead roles in ENA’s upcoming drama “To My Haeri” (literal title).

In response to the report, a representative from Kang Hoon’s agency npioe Entertainment shared, “Kang Hoon is positively considering starring in ‘To My Haeri.’”

“To My Haeri” is a healing romance drama that revolves around Joo Eun Ho, an announcer who develops dissociative identity disorder (Haeri means dissociation in Korean) following the disappearance of her younger sibling and her breakup with her longtime boyfriend, Hyun Oh.

The drama, penned by Han Ga Ram, known for her previous works such as “I’ll Go to You When the Weather is Nice” and “Han Yeo Reum’s Memory,” has already confirmed Shin Hye Sun and Lee Jin Wook as part of its cast.

Kang Hoon has reportedly been offered the role of announcer Kang Joo Yeon. Kang Joo Yeon, who becomes an anchor to fulfill his late brother’s wish, is reserved and aloof towards women. Having graduated from all-boys middle and high school as well as military academy, Kang Joo Yeon lacks experience in interacting with women and, due to his unsociable nature, struggles to socialize with his female colleagues.

“To My Haeri” is scheduled to air on ENA in the latter half of this year. Stay tuned for further updates!

Watch Kang Hoon in “The Secret Romantic Guesthouse” below:

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