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Guitarist Joel Omans has quit Rings Of Saturn. Omans originally played in Rings Of Saturn between 2010 and 2014, and then rejoined from 2018 to present day. Rings Of Saturn is currently founder Lucas Mann and drummer Ryan Sinnott, as the band turns to an entirely instrumental act in 2021.

“After 10 collective years with Rings Of Saturn, I have decided today to leave the band,” wrote Omans on his Instagram. “I had a great run co-creating 4 of the 6 albums the band has released. I got to travel the world and meet a ton of amazing people. I am truly grateful for it all. Thanks to all the fans who have supported the band and myself over the years. Onto the next chapter.”

Rings Of Saturn has not yet commented on Omans departure. The band was dropped by Nuclear Blast in 2021 after Mann began threatening the label by saying he’d make public statements “‘condemning Nuclear Blast in the strongest terms possible’ if the label does not give in to his baseless demands.”

Rings of Saturn then released a statement saying they’d parting ways with vocalist Ian Bearer and became a solely-instrumental band. Rings of Saturn‘s statement from that time can be found below.

Rings of Saturn is transitioning towards a strictly instrumental direction which will open up many new doors in terms of musical creativity for the bands future. We are looking forward to exploring new territories of writing and expand on the band’s overall sound in this way.

“Along with the recent instrumental album release versions of our past discography, every album since Dingir has traditionally included an instrumental track, so many fans will appreciate what’s coming next with a sense of familiarity. We would love to have Ian Bearer on any tours we currently have booked, but that decision remains ultimately up to him, and moving forward this also means that live shows will be done completely as an instrumental band.

“We would like to thank Ian Bearer for his years of hard work and commitment as the voice of the band during its most recent 10 years. On tour and in the studio, it has been an honor to create and perform music alongside such a great vocalist.

“We absolutely wish him the best in any endeavor he decides to pursue, and we hope that fans show him the same love and support as well.”

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