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Jessica Alba Says She’s Up for a ‘Dark Angel’ Reboot, Talks Connection to ‘Trigger Warning’ (Exclusive)

Jessica Alba is leaving the door open to the possibility of a Dark Angel reboot — but the final call may be someone else’s to make.

The 43-year-old actress recently sat down to do a rETrospective with ET, and she reflected on the sci-fi drama celebrating its 25th anniversary in October 2025. The Fox series — created by mega director James Cameron and Charles H. Eglee — lasted only two seasons, but it spawned a rabid fanbase.

“Oh my goodness, would I do Dark Angel again? If Jim wanted to do Dark Angel, I would do Dark Angel again,” Alba shared. “Yeah, ’cause he really has been a mentor of mine and it would just be fun to work with him. We have that history together and I admire him so much, so I think it would be fun.”

At just 19 years old, Alba helmed Dark Angel when it premiered in October 2000 on Fox. Season 1 aired 22 episodes, followed by 21 episodes in season 2. The series aired its final episode in May 2002. All these years later, Alba’s curious how the sci-fi drama would handle the rise of artificial intelligence.

“[Dark Angel] was ahead of its time, for sure, but it would be really interesting just to see where Jim and Chuck would take it knowing what we know now about AI and everything, yeah, and just where technology is. It would be cool to see how, where they would dream,” Alba added.

James Cameron and Jessica Alba at the world premiere of “Dark Angel” held at the Directors Guild of America on Sept. 25, 2000.Getty

Alba traveled down memory lane for her rETrospective, revisiting her roles in Never Been Kissed and Dark Angel to Fantastic Four and Sin City. But Alba — a mother to kids Honor, 15, Haven, 12, and Hayes, 6, and wife to Cash Warren for 16 years — now has a new action thriller for Netflix, Trigger Warning, in which she portrays Special Forces commando Parker, who is forced to run her father’s bar following his sudden death. Alba’s character is a traumatized active duty officer, who struggles to reconcile how her old neighborhood is ravaged by gun and gang violence.

Oddly enough, filming the violent thriller (there’s Indonesian knife fighting incorporated into Alba’s choreography) also proved to be a cathartic experience for Alba.

“I was going through grieving my grandfather who was a father figure in my life, and it was a pretty cathartic experience because my character was going through grieving her father,” Alba explained. “So there was a lot of parallels and I got to bring in a lot of family photos into the set and place them in the bar and in the home.”

Trigger Warning stars Anthony Michael Hall, Mark Webber, Jake Weary, Tone Bell, Alejandro De Hoyos, Gabriel Basso, Kaiwi Lyman and Hari Dhillon. The film is helmed by women, with Alba as its star and Mouly Surya directing, and the hope is that a woman’s touch will be evident to viewers.

“So, it’s a female director and she did this really cool, kind of like Western Indonesian [2017] movie [Marlina the Murderer in Four Acts] that was awesome. And I knew she could bring that grit to the screen as a visionary and storyteller,” Alba said. “And our [cinematographer] was a woman and our on-set producers were women … [the movie] is pretty dominated by men, but I was like, ‘What does it look like to have a feminine touch and to do a really cool, gritty raw action movie?’ I’m not trying to be a male fantasy. There’s no tight leather dress and stilettos with a gun. I was like, ‘It’d be cool if she did passion kills. And if someone needs to die, if they’re bad guys, maybe with a knife instead of a gun.’ There’s something more satisfying about watching that as well.”

Trigger Warning drops June 21 on Netflix.


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